Complete Payment Solutions

From mobile to point-of-sale and everywhere in between, Club Merchant Services payment solutions combine unmatched security with the latest in payment technology.

Explore Our Payment Solutions

Process payments across multiple platforms.

Payment Acceptance

It’s time for an omni-commerce payment solution built with the security and protection your customers deserve. Seamlessly accept a wide variety of payments in-store, online, over the phone and on your mobile device.

Virtual Terminal

Accept credit cards and eChecks anytime, anywhere with the Club Merchant Services Virtual Terminal — an easy-to-use browser-based app for processing payments. Easily take orders over the phone, swipe a customer’s card on an integrated USB magstripe reader, or set up a plan for subscription billing.

Processing Methods

Accommodate your business growth and manage customer interactions with a host of payment solutions including; online point of sale transactions, hotel (PMS) transactions, and pre-authorized payments on accounts. 

Contactless Commerce

Club Merchant Services implements solutions for all types of transactions – including “Contactless Commerce” payments made by simply hovering or tapping an NFC-capable payment card or mobile device on the payment terminal. Of course, all our technology also allows for EMV & swipe transactions.

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